The climate:
The timing for Custom (Design-Build) construction is wonderful in our current market.
Interest rates are incredible, materials are affordable and we have lowered our margins which offers great opportunities for our clients. 
Our philosophy:
A home is a single complete system not just integral parts fitted and coordinated together. 
Home as a system incorporates a tremendous amount of planning and coordination starting with conceptual design to integrating home systems to work in unison and inspecting and testing the integrity of the home in stages and at completion.
Our philosophy requires that we utilize quality methods and materials, effeciency standards, stewardship of resources and best construction practices to produce the most comfortable, safe and highest quality home possible. 
Our philosophy also includes the important aspect of "DO-ABILITY".  We must work within our clients means and within the constraints afforded us by the property and materials availability.
Our goal:
To insure absolute integrity of operations which translates into better relationships with clients, suppliers subs and employees.  
We want to establish "LIFE-LONG" relationships with all our clients, sub-contactors, suppliers and all we work with regularly.
We insist on "perfect fit and finish" in all phases of each project.
We will look for ways to guarantee solid construction throughout in all phases of each project. 
All of our subs and carpenters know what we expect and deliver under our scrutiny.
Whether we're re-modeling for you or building the dream custom designed home you've been wanting, you can trust us to be your stewards, protecting your investment.

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